Our services


Our main expertise is the crating of high-value products that require a great deal of attention to detail. We offer a complete design service and the capacity to develop specifications to meet your most demanding needs.

  • Export Packing and Crating
  • Inter-Plant Transport Crates
  • Heavy Duty Box Design
  • Boxes with Ramps
  • Custom Cushioning
  • Ocean Container Loading / Unloading
  • Compliance Specifications
  • National Network of Associated Craters
  • Wood Boxes
  • Vapor-Barrier Protection
  • Packaging of High Value Product
  • MIL-SPEC Boxes
  • Special Design Skids
  • Documentation Preparation
  • Custom Stencils

Custom packaging solutions


Off-site packing solutions

We offer both on-site and off-site packing solutions. We offer the most state-of-the-art equipment and can accommodate the most advanced packing and crating technologies in the industry. 


highly-trained staff

Our employees are all trained to specific standards to maintain the highest level of workmanship, from our trained-and-licensed forklift drivers to our craters, who are trained and tested to meet FDA, GMP, and our ISO9001:2015 requirements. We are a drug-free workplace and each of our employees is TSA certified with required background checks. We have the finest and most knowledgeable employees in the industry.


on-site packing teams

We can send an on-site team directly to your location to package most items. Our on-site employees will arrive in air-ride trucks with the logistics, tools, and supplies necessary to complete even the most demanding jobs.


Safe & Secure transport

Whether you choose to have items delivered to us or arrange for us to send one of our air-ride trucks to transport items to our warehouse for packing, we offer the highest level of security, including video surveillance and key-card entry, so you can rest assured knowing that your items will be safely and securely handled.

Custom Design, Testing & Documentation


Custom crating solutions

We specialize in custom crating solutions. Specifications and procedures for packing are based on the specific needs of each our customers and product types. We will personally visit your site to inspect your product. We will then work with your engineering team to develop the specifications tailored around the specific packing needs of your product. In addition, we design and manufacture reusable packing and show crates for items that ship to multiple destinations and we are certified to package hazardous materials


comprehensive documentation

We provide documentation that you can count on. We provide our clients with comprehensive documentation on packing procedures, including drawings and compliance specifications.


proactive design & Testing

We design and test based on Federal and ASTM specifications. We take a proactive role in the validation process and provide our customers with a comprehensive test plan. Not only do we work with an independent laboratory to validate, we also insist upon witnessing all testing.


CUStomization that exceeds expectation

We customize cases to exceed custom expectations. We develop and design custom cases to meet our clients’ needs, even in the most custom situations.

  • Deep-drawn and fabricated aluminum
  • Injection-molded and rotomolded cases
  • Enclosures and assemblies


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